Biceps Tendinopathy

Biceps Tendinopathy is described as a pain and tenderness in the bicep tendon. It can sometimes be inflamed due to overuse activities which can cause painful movements. It can also occasionally result from direct injury. Biceps Tendinopathy is usually associated with other shoulder pathology like impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears or instability.


Pain is more of a dull ache on the top of the shoulder. It usually worsens on overhead activities and on twisting movements of the forearm. This pain can also make the arm feel weak.


A thorough clinical exam is extremely important in diagnosis. X-rays are can sometimes show bony spurs or small bony outgrowths that form along the edge of a bone, in the region of the biceps tendon, however, they also help rule out other pathology which can cause similar symptoms.

MRI scan is useful to help diagnose this condition.

Treatment Procedures